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Self Love and Vegan Comfort Food with Guest Chef Gianna Ciaramello

Gianna Ciaramello, author of The Mellow Cookbook and self-taught vegan Italian chef, answers questions on vegan eating/cooking and self-love. Gianna is passionate about helping others on their journey with food and creatively recreating dishes that are comforting, delicious and better for the animals and the environment.

Gianna has loved food since she was a little girl, and grew up in the kitchen with her Italian mother and grandmother. As Gianna grew up, she went through health struggles but saw huge results when she made gradual changes to her diet. As she learned about healing, having a healthy relationship with food and how to feel better, her self-love also grew. Now, Gianna helps others by sharing her journey, spreading health and positivity, and guiding others to a place of self-love.

Watch this talk to learn some great tips, including:

  • What three things Gianna recommends patients do to get on the right path with their nutrition (20:10)

  • The benefits of going for a plant-based milk alternative (27:08)

  • The benefits of including chia, hemp, and flax seeds in your diet (31:15)

  • Ways to easily enjoy veggie-based noodles (38:40)

  • How to avoid overwhelm while changing your diet (46:20)

  • Tips for consuming raw produce SAFELY during COVID-19 (50:20)

Gianna Ciaramello: Website, YouTube, & Instagram


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