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Rising with Resiliency through Active Acceptance with Jill

When life hits us with a tough blow, how do we move forward in a positive way? How can we be our own advocates? How do we find our yes??

Jill Hollander, a three time cancer survivor, healing and life coach to help answer these questions in this amazing session with Dr. Jen.

This talk encourages participants to face their current situation with hope, realism, and optimism and, in doing so, create opportunities for personal growth and resiliency. Living in active acceptance fosters a resilient mindset which increases your ability to bounce back from a setback. Fostering resiliency within and creating support systems and structures from family, friends, and professionals are important in order to respond with hope, determination, tenacity, and grit to propel forward to Find Your YES! even in a sea of NOs.

Here is a quick breakdown of the session:

  • Jill’s journey and how a heart transplant taught her about resiliency (1:20)

  • Coping by finding “yes” in your challenges to keep you going (5:10)

  • Living with active acceptance & staying in the moment (5:50)

  • Dating with a serious health condition (8:00)

  • Being your own advocate in your health (10:30)

  • Celebrating yeses in your life, even during cancer treatment (14:20)

  • Slowing down while still living a full life (18:00)

  • How to keep saying YES to life (20:00)



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