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Make up Tutorial

Let's Get Glam!!!🤩

Mary will teach you how to contour your face like the pros! She will go over products, tools and how to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Answering any questions after In a Q&A that will have you feeling confident and ready to contour afterward! Feel free to just watch or bring the contour products you already own and follow along! 

Mary is a freelance hair and makeup artist based in the Lower East Side NYC. In the industry over 8 years, she specializes in "no makeup" makeup looks and special event hair. She has worked on various films, commercials, and beauty shoots. During Covid-19 freelance work came to a complete halt. She decided to take this time to "Evolve" her own brand and focus on helping other woman understand hair and makeup techniques by creating tutorials for social media. Her goal is to make women feel beautiful inside and out!

Check her out! @lowereastgirl 


-makeup brushes

-cream contour

-power contour 

-setting powder


-beauty blender or sponge


-good lighting (bathroom lighting or natural light from a window)

It’s OK if you don’t have everything on the supplies list. Bring what you have and we will make it work!

Mary covers so much in this tutorial, including: 

  • Best foundation options for senior skin (3:30)

  • Prepping your skin before putting on makeup (7:17)

  • Knowing your face shape to do best contouring (9:50)

  • Contouring for oval shape with a cream stick (16:10)

  • How do we know what color to choose for contouring (20:40)

  • Blending cream contour with a brush (21:40)

  • Picking the right shades for your skin tone (24:38)

  • Contouring for a square shape (25:55)

  • Setting color with brushes and powder (30:45)

  • Using highlighter and other products after contouring (36:47)

  • Lip plumping products & tips (40:16)

  • Eyebrow filling products & tips (46:22)

  • Wearing makeup with eyeglasses (53:20)

  • How to protect your skin before putting on makeup (58:55)

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