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How to Take Imperfect Action in Moving Forward in Your Life with Renée Marino

Knowing how to move forward after facing a difficult time in our lives can be very challenging. So, Dr. Jen enlisted the help of her beautiful friend Renée Marino to help us do just that!

Renée is a communication coach who just co-hosted the first-ever virtual world summit. The summit consisted of Knowledge Industry Leaders- Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russel Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, and more. She was handpicked by Tony Robbins as the winner of his, "Comeback Challenge," and won a trip to his private resort in Fiji, and was interviewed by Dean on his podcast, "The Dean Graziosi Show."

Renée is also a silver screen and Broadway star. She can be seen as the female lead role-Mary Delgado- in the film “Jersey Boys” directed by Clint Eastwood, which is currently on Netflix. She was featured in -"Ones to Watch", Variety and in The Huffington Post. From gratitude to perspective to changing the way you view different happenings in your life, Renée aims to help guide you towards self-reflection and moving forward in a positive way.

Renee shares so many amazing nuggets of wisdom in this talk! This one should be watched from beginning to end, but be sure to check out these highlights:

  • Renee’s simple daily practice to help her communicate within, the most important kind of communication (5:05)

  • How to get yourself out of a funk, or when you are feeling down by creating your dream version of yourself (8:36) and by asking yourself better questions (20:09)

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people (34:00)

  • Taking imperfect action & embracing fear (37:35)

  • Tips for dealing with procrastination, another form of fear! (48:20)

  • Escaping from being our own worst critic (1:02:10)

  • Everything is a practice (1:07:00)



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