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Flower Essences & New Moon Ceremony with Heart House Astrology

In this session, Dr. Montes is joined by Helene Cierzo, the founding astrologer at Heart House Astrology!! Helene begins this amazing talk with a new moon ceremony, including sharing astrological insights, and guidance towards setting new moon intentions. Then, Helene discusses the use of flower essences to help support you during challenging times. Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine. Some of the highlights from this session include:

  • New Moon Chart Reading (5:05)

  • Focusing on breath work, affirmations and journaling during Gemini new moon (9:40)

  • Horoscope sign readings and affirmations: Aries (16:33), Taurus (18:27), Gemini (20:09), Cancer (22:23), Leo (24:38), Virgo (26:29), Libra (28:48), Scorpio (30:16), Sagitarius (31:33), Capricorn (32:56), Aquarius (33:53), Pisces (34:58).

  • Establishing boundaries with other people, learning to say no and take care of yourself (37:00)

  • Making a contract with yourself and putting in the effort to achieve the goals and dreams that you want (40:00)

  • Best crystals/stones for the new moon (41:14)

  • Introduction to flower essences (43:40)

  • Recommended Flower Essences: gentian (for depression and setbacks, 45:10), centaury (for boundaries and nurturing own needs, 46:48), mimulus (for fear, 47:21), cerato (for overwhelm, 48:34), water lily (for loneliness, 50:11), chicory (for compassion, 51:30), rock rose (for panic attacks, 52:40), wild oat (for uncertainty, 53:35), oak (for illness, 54:39), gorce (for hopelessness, 55:31), red chestnut (for anxiety, 56:20)



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