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Healing With Crystals with Heart House Astrology

Helene, founder of @hearthouseastrology, joins Evolve Pink founder Dr. Jen for a special session all about healing with crystals! Helene is a certified crystal healer and Reiki level 2 practitioner that uses crystals as a healing tool. She will also cover the proper ways of caring and cleansing your crystals, selecting the right crystals for healing specific needs, and so much more! Make sure to check out all the highlights:

  • Best practice for cleaning, cleansing, and charging your crystals (3:10)

  • Using stones to protect your energy (7:25)

  • How to sage yourself (11:40)

  • How to balance and heal each chakra using crystals: Root Chakra (14:00), Sacral Chakra (17:00), Solar Plexus Chakra (19:52), Heart Chakra (22:31), Throat Chakra (28:32), Third Eye Chakra (33:50), Crown Chakra (36:01)

  • Connecting with your dreams (39:45) and calming intense dreams (41:32)

  • The benefits of multiple stone sizes (43:46)

  • Stones for communication, obsessive thinking, and connecting with others (46:05)

  • Good places to buy crystals (48:35)

  • Reiki for shoulder pain (51:15) 



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