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Completing the Journey of Reconstruction Surgery- Nipple and Areola Tattooing

with Guest Expert, Tattoo Artist Amy Black

If you, or someone you know, is a breast cancer survivor, and wants to know more about their options for tattoos post-mastectomy and/or post-reconstruction, this discussion is a must see!

Dr. Jen, founder of Evolve Pink, a non-profit bringing revolutionary education and support to breast cancer patients and survivors, hosts an amazing talk with Amy Black.

Amy Black is an award winning tattoo artist based in Richmond, Virginia and is the founder of Pink Ink Fund, a non-profit organization that seeks to aid people needing assistance with their post-mastectomy tattoo needs as part of their breast reconstruction due to breast cancer.

Amy first started tattooing in 2000, but began working in “nipple and areola tattooing” in 2010. She is able to do many variations of coloring and create the illusion of realistic nipples and areola textures, shapes, and sizes with tattooing. Amy’s nipple tattoos attract clients from around the world and constantly gets requests from overseas.

In this chat, Dr. Jen and Amy go deep and talk all things nipple tattoo after breast cancer, including:

  • The most common questions and concerns women have for taking the leap and getting a post-mastectomy tattoo and reconstruction (11:30)

  • Are post-mastectomy nipple/areola tattoos covered by insurance? (37:55)

  • How long should you wait after surgery to get tattooed? (39:30)

  • Tips for scar treatments to help your scars fade faster (43:20)

  • Concerns about getting tattooed in the doctor/surgeon's office (49:00)

  • The global media response when Pink Ink Fund’s Instagram account was shut down (30:10)

  • Examples of Amy’s work, including flat, 3D tattooing (13:20), surgically reconstructed nipple examples (16:00), decorative tattoo examples with reconstruction (18:15) and without reconstruction (24:15).

Amy Black: Facebook & Instagram

Pink Ink Fund’s Website & Instagram



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