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Bonafide Health Products with Product Representative Tara

Tara, a Bonafide Health Representative, joins Dr. Montes to talk about Bonafide products, their uses and benefits for women, especially breast cancer survivors. All Bonafide products are hormone-free and effective and are a natural approach to helping women.

Dr. Montes recommends these products to her patients to combat cancer treatment and menopause induced hot-flashes, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, and PMS symptoms. Many of her patients have called these products a “game changer” in their lives.

Evolve Pink is in NO way sponsored by Bonafide...we just believe in their products and their ability to help unwanted symptoms!

Some of the highlights of this talk include:

  • Bonafide products and uses:

    • Revaree, to help with vaginal atrophy (4:05)

    • Relizen, for relief of hot flashes (10:58)

    • Ristela, to restore sexual satisfaction (15:20)

    • Serenol, for PMS relief (19:38)

  • Where & How to buy Bonafide products (23:10)

  • Hear from someone that uses Relizen (24:30)

  • Hear from someone that uses Revaree (25:38)

  • How to safely replace alternative products during & after breast cancer treatment (31:08)

  • Best options for night sweats (35:20)

  • Best time to take the supplements (36:26)

  • How to safely mix Bonafide supplements (37:15)

  • About Dr. Montes and her practice and her mission with Evolve Pink (39:30)

You can see Bonafide products and how to order on their website or by phone 1-833-266-2343. Use code 3728123 for a discount on your first order!

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